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Clue #8: Who was Ursula's Mother?

In Clue #3,  we find “Ursley” baptised in 1792, with a birth date of 5 September 1779.
In Clue #3, it was stated that Ursula was born “about 1783”.  
In Clue #5, will of Reuben Wright.  His farm is next to Reuben Moore from whom he bought part of his farm land.
Checking back as to where that “about 1783” came from, I find a few sites on trees giving that date (  But these don’t give reference to any parents.  I don’t find anything in other Ancestry files now giving information on my Ursula WRIGHT.
There is another Ursula WRIGHT who was born 26 May 1783 in Northampton, Hampshire, Massachusetts.  She is the daughter of Joel WRIGHT and Ursula MOSELEY.
There is no spouse for her on this site.
and no hint as to what happened to her, such as moving to Stillwater NY.
[The future husband of my Ursula WRIGHT was born in Hempstead, on Long Island NY and moved from there to Stillwater NY.]
The Ursley who was baptised in Stillwater in 1792 (born 5 September 1779) was the daughter of Reuben WRIGHT and Phebe, his first wife.  So, who was this Phebe who was received in the Congregational Church, Yellow Meeting House, 4 September 1772, Stillwater NY and then in the Stillwater Presbyterian Church in 1792 where their children were baptized (including Ursley in 1779)? [see Clue #6]
There is a clue here.
In a personal e-mail from a MOORE/MORE family researcher:
“850. The More family, Stillwater.
[??] my mother's father was Ephraim P More.  He came from Simsbury, Ct. to Stillwater.  He worked in the Simsbury mines, and by an explosion in the mines his eyes were so burnt that he became partially  & [??] blind.  His children were, Ephraim, Gideon, Charles, [??], Phineas & Reubin, & his daughters, as follows.
Anna was second wife husband of Job Wright & had but one son, John.  A half brother of John Wright was Abraham Wright, who kept the well  known "Wrights Ferry" for a great many years.
Phebe married Reubin Wright of Stillwater--no connexion of Job.  They had Silas & other children--
Anna (Hannah?) married Ephraim Woodworth, who lived & died very rich in Northumberland.
Jerusha married a Stillwater man, named Highstead, who moved off to the west somewheres.
Lydia married Moses Martin, my father. [??]
[??] married  William ? Bemis of Bemis's Heights [??]”
So a possibilty is that my “Phebe” is Phebe More of Stillwater, daughter of Ephraim P More from Simsbury CT.
The Fitch Gazetteer, An Annotated Index to the Manuscript History of Washington County, New York, 1999, transcribes this slightly differently:
“Ephriam?- of Simsbury, Conn.; he worked in the mines there, his eyes were burnt by an explosion, leading to partial & later, total blindness; rem. Stillwater, N.Y.;. children sons Ephriam, Gideon, Charles, Alpheus, Phineas & Reuben; daus Anna, m Job Wright ; Phebe m Silas Wright;
Anner (Hannah?) m Ephraim Woodworth; Jerusha m ____ Highstead;
Lydia m Moses Martin; & Triphena, m William ? Bemis of Bemis's Heights, Stillwater N.Y. -850”
These two quotes are very close, except for the detail as to who Phebe married.  Reuben or Silas.
Also, there isn’t a date for this.  I tried to research explosions in Simsbury Mines, and there is a history of explosions, but nothing that must have dated from 1700’s that I’ve found yet.
I checked the Barbour Collection, Simsbury Vital Records for “MOORE, MOOR, MORE, MORRE”:
There is no Ephraim More.  I checked the names of his children listed above.  The only person with a name included is Gideon, son of Gideon born 14 April 1738.
Any ideas?  I’m open to suggestions on who is Phebe (possibly MORE) who married Reuben WRIGHT and gave birth to Ursley.

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