Friday, May 7, 2010

Clue #5: The Will of Reuben Wright (possible father of Ursula)

In the will of Reuben Wright, he names sons, but not daughters.  Says he has 6 children.
Will proved in September 1796.

Will of Reuben Wright

“Reuben Wright of the Town of Stillwter havaing made his will by which he appointed Joel Ketchum and Increase Child his Executors which said Will having been moved and his the Executor having taken the usual oaths letters testementary were this 27 September 1796 granted to them with said will with [?] Letter Testamentary thereon are in his words following viz:

 In the name of God amen I Reuben Wright of Stillwater in the County of Saratoga and State of New York being by the wise and Righteous dispensation of devine Providence visited with [?] sickness and the apparent decay of Nature but yet of perfect sound mind and memory blessed be god therefor do hereby make and publish this my last will & testament in manner and form following viz.  I commend my Soul to God whom I acknowledge to be the author of my being with a Comfortable hope that it has been redeemed through the mediation of the Lord Jesus Christ and my body I commit to the Dust to be buried in a Decent manner with a full [?] I shall receive it again in the glorious morning of the Resurection and as to such worldly Estate as has pleased God to bestow upon me Thy this my last will and Testament  Dispose of in the following manner viz.  I will and order my Executor hereafter mentioned that they see all my just Debts paid and the debt I owe to Henry Quackenbes Esq I order to be paid by a collection of my notes Book accounts and the  sale of such Merchant goods as I have on hand at my decease & the remainder of my Interest I give & bequeath as follows viz. 1 I will & order that my dear beloved wife Sarah Wright see to the support maintainance and bringing up of my Children which are not of age untill they shall arrive to lawful age to act for themselves and in order to inable her to perform the same and for her support  & maintance I will order that she my said wife shall have the  use of my home & land on which I now live and the then acres of Land I hold by deed from Reuben More and all my house hold furniture (except such as I was possessed of before my marriage to her) untill the time my youngest surviving Child shall arrive to Lawful age to act for themselves and then for my siad wife to have the one half of my house hould furniture not before excepted as her own and the other half to be equally diveded amongst my other surviving Daughters but then it is to be accounted as so much of this divison of my estate and when the youngest of my surviving Children shall arrive to lawful age if my said wife shall then remain my widow that then she shall have the use and profit of one kind of the aforesaid Lands and [?] during her life or the time she remains my widow the house hold furniture before excepted is to be equally divided between my daughters whch I had by my first wife.  2ly I will and order that my son Reuben Wright shall have the use and profits of the one half of the farm on which he now lives untill the youngest of my then surviving Children be of lawful age to act for themselves and then the whole of the said farm to be equally divided among the whole of my them surviving Children and the other half of said farm to be put to use and the profits arising there from to go to pay debts or to be equally divided at the time of the division of said Farm.  3ly. My wearing apparel including my regimentasl Suit I order to be equally divided among my Sons and the part belonging to those who are not of age to be kept for them untill they are of age.  4thly.  I give and bequeath to my son John Wright my musket & Cartridge Box.  5thly.  I will and order that an equal division of all my interest both real of personal after paying my debts sall be made amongst all my children except what is herein before disposed of and those of my children which have hereto fore received any thing from me it is to be accountd as so much of [?] dividend and that the first dividend shall take place amongst them of such of my Interest as is not encumbered by this my last will & testament & the parts of those who are of age to be paid to them and the parts of them who are under age to be put to Interest for them and when they shall severally be of age then to be paid to them and when the youngest of my surviving Children shall arrive the lawful age and the incumbrance taken off the aforesaid lands & tenements then another equal division amongst all my children is to be made of the Lands & Tenements  herein before mentioned and it is my special wish that my son John Wright should remain with and assist my said wife Sarah Wright on the farmland that when my other 6 children are come of age for him the said John Wright to keep the first mentioned pieces of Land and Tenements & pay out to the rest of the Children each one their part of the Dividend of said lands & Tenements  6thly.  I do hereby constitute ordain & appoint Joel Ketchum and Increase Child to by Executors to this last will and testament to see the same fulfilled according to the true meaning and intent and I do hereby revoke former wills by me made and declare and publish this as my last will and Testament  The writings whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twenty first day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety six.  Reuben Wright.”

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