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Clue #6: Summary of information known about Reuben Wright by anonymous

There was a typed document in the WRIGHT files in the Stillwater NY Historian's files.  There is no date and no author.  Any handwritten additions are in [ ]s.

Reuben Wright of Stillwater was born 1746, died September 1796.
He was a member of the Stillwater Congregational Church having been received with his wife Phebe (maiden name unknown) in September 1772.  There is no evidence that he came from Connecticut with the original Congregation in 1762.  The name Reuben Wright is among the “signers of the Covenant” in Canaan Conn. in 1752 but that could hardly be the Stillwater Reuben who at that time would have been bur six years old.  There were a number of Wrights mentioned in the Canaan Congregational Church records previous to the removal to Stillwater.  They apparently remained behind in Canaan.

The children of Reuben and Phebe were baptised in the Stillwater Church as follows:  Luraney 1772; Lydia 1774; Ursley (Ursula ?) 1779; a son (unnamed who may have died in infancy) 1782.
(Perhaps his wife Phebe died at this same time)
His sons by a second marriage to Sarah (maiden name unknown [handwritten: Husted]) are named in his will as Reuben and John.  [handwritten:  Reuben Wright b Nov 11 1789 Quaker Spa Centy d Feb 6 1867]
Ransler (Rensselaer) May 1796. (Gravestone?)  His last child as he died September 1796.
Reuben Wright was Supervisor of Stillwater in 1795.
The roster of the 13th Regiment Albany County (Stillwater & Saratoga Regiment) Lists Ensign Reuben Wright and also an enlisted man Reuben Wright.
The Census 1790 lists Reuben Wright as the head of a household including 4 females (his second wife and 3 daughters?) and 3 males under 16 years (3 sons?) and 3 males over 16: himself and 2 others not sons but adult males (perhaps grandfathers or uncles).  The other children seem to tally with this listing.
Tax list 1789-lists Reuben Wright as owner of a good sized farm.
The position of his  name in the list of both tax list and census indicates that his farm was on the Bemis Heights road this side of the Back Baptist Church and near one Reuben Moore from whom he bought land (mentioned in his will).

He was apparently not buried in the Back Baptist lot nor yet in the Congregational plot at the Yellow Meeting House but - tho I have been told by descendant who may be misinformed - that his remains were removed from the plot on the school house hill in Stillwater to the Union Cemetery.  Evidence is strong that he was buried in the Bemis Heights Graveyard near the school house there, and later removed with the other bodies - his neighbors Newland, Woodworth etc - to the Union Cemetery where they lie along the back fence in a row neglected and forgotten.

This is all I have to date about Reuben Wright of Stillwater, Revolutionary soldier.”

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